Tablet Woven Bands

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Tablet Woven Bands

Postby Terry Sebolt on August 11th, 2009, 10:35 am

Greetings all,

Czina has decided that it might be time to part with some of the tablet woven trim in order help with family finances. Here are a few that are woven and ready to go. These are dirt cheap for hand woven trim of this quality. I hope that you find something of interest.

The Hallstatt 3 ribbon, woven in 3-1 broken twill of commercially dyed wool. 27 inches long. Will sell for $60.

Three different Egyptian Diagonals bands made of commercially dyed, recycled silk. Each band is 2 yards long. We will sell them for $55 for 1 yd, or $95 for the uncut 2 yd band.

If you would like quotes on hand spun, natural dyed, or custom designs, please email with the word Tablet weaving in the title. We also have weaving supplies and documentation available. We accept Check, credit card or Paypal.

Thank you for your patronage in these very trying times.
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