Poetry comeback

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Poetry comeback

Postby Bruno Oliveira on September 18th, 2013, 10:33 pm

Hi There!

It's been a long time since I do not participate in this forum. For various personal reasons and lack of time, I was out of date. But I never stopped studying and experimenting (and fight!). therefore to announce my back, I recite a little poem in portuguese and english... enjoy!

Brennos Catuderganus.
Caiu de seu cavalo
e não morreu porque era astuto.

Antes mesmo se usar a lança esguia,
arremessa um torrão de terra
nos olhos do oponente.

Antes mesmo de ter que lutar por sua vida,
ele sussurra uma canção.

Sozinho por trás da formação inimiga,
é o único que sorri.

Brennos Catudereganus.
Provavelmente morrerá em uma luta desesperada.
E é o único que sorri.


Brennos Catuderganus.
Fell from his horse
and did not die because he was cunning.
Before even using his slender spear,
throws a clod
the opponent's eyes.
Before even having to fight for his life,
he whispers a song.
Alone behind enemy formation,
is the only one who smiles.
Brennos Catudereganus.
Probably will die in a desperate struggle.
And still are the only one who smiles.

(Bruno A. Oliveira / 12-09-13)
Bruno Alves de Oliveira
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